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British GAS and the other gas providers in the UK

British Gas is among the largest gas suppliers in the area of the United Kingdom, but that doesn’t mean there are no other companies which deal with the distribution of energy in the area of the United Kingdom.

Today, the energy cables and pipes are not owned by the suppliers themselves but they are managed independently by a network which is called Distribution Network Operation network and it covers the whole area of the country. Today there are 23 DNOs in the UK and these are coupled with further 7 independent DNOs.

Let’s see the situation of the energy suppliers themselves.

British Gas should definitely be on the first place when talking about today’s energy suppliers in the United Kingdom. This is by far the oldest corporation in the country, being established back in 1812 when it had monopoly over gas supplies. The 1972 Gas Act has made the monopoly stronger whereas British Gas Corporation was the main entity on the market merging all the gas suppliers under one roof.

The situation of the large corporation only changed drastically in 1986 when it had been privatized and became a private entity. Today, British Gas operates under the name of British Gas Services Limited and British Gas New Heating Limited. The corporation is considered part of the so-called Big Six, the six large businesses which are covering the whole country’s area.

Today, British Gas is part of the Centrica group but it works with an independent management system. The other big energy suppliers in the UK include Transco and BG Group.

Thanks to the competition among suppliers, British Gas has gone through several brand buildings and transformations, until it reached its current look and image.

The website of the company offers a great collective list of services which includes the following:

  • Installation of gas and electricity
  • Energy maintenance
  • Plumbing
  • Taking part in renovation projects with respect to building out new energy supply networks
  • Reparation works ( the one-off offers reparation works also for those who are not BG customers)
  • Building out and maintaining heating systems in residential and office buildings and further entities
  • Renewable energy: solar system related information, batteries etc.
  • The selling of home appliances such as boilers.
  • Selling of specific energy saving products: these are new age products, which include lightbulbs, plugs and sensors and also smart meters. These all can be controlled from a long distance too.
  • Home insurance: these are specific insurance packages which definitely can help a lot to a family when it comes to any accidents.

On the website of British Gas you can setup a consumer account and register. This way you can get prompt information on your current bill to pay, you can also book an engineer in case of something needing to be checked. Also, you can submit the regular meter reading through the website. This makes things all the more easier.

Apart from the regular products and services, British Gas also offers lots of discounts for its members.