SKY how to order and what can you get?

Sky UK Limited which is formerly called British Sky Broadcasting Corporation is one of the oldest and most historical companies in the history of cable and satellite TV. Coming live in the Eighties Sky first worked only with a pay per view channel system where it featured movies and exclusive sports broadcastings. Later on, this whole has switched to become one of the most famous and popular package of satellite TV channels throughout Europe.

Today, Sky Broadcasting Group which is the shareholder of Sky Ltd, is governed by Sky Plc.

Next to being the Nr.1 cable TV provider in the UK (having over 11 million clients) Sky is also the one which offers the current highest quality Ultra HD channels in the whole market of TV broadcasting.

It’s own channels today comprise of the following:

  • Sky 1
  • Sky Living
  • Sky Atlantic
  • Sky Arts
  • Sky Cinema
  • Sky Sports
  • Sky News

How to subscribe and order Sky?

The channels are available throughout the UK and the corporation also has a separate Ireland site to handle requests coming from there. The subscription is very easy, it can be submitted through the homepage of the website or by contacting the Sky phone number here . All you need to do is to register and to sign up for a package. Later on, you will get the chance to arrange when the package will actually be installed at you.

Further things you can arrange at the Sky website include the following:

  • Pay your bills online
  • Check your broadband connection online
  • Change payment method
  • Update your user details : change of address for instance
  • You can change your PINs as well
  • You can purchase accessories
  • And you can acquire extras for your existing packages.
  • You can also finish your Sky contract
  • Booking an engineer in case of issues
  • Setup a demand in case of reparation works
  • Online guidance on fixing picture and minor broadband issues
  • Plus you can program your Sky remote over here too.

Sky has a couple of unique services such as the Sky go, which will allow users to watch their TV channels from any device or gadget with an internet connection. The latest Sky box also allows users to be able to watch Sky channels from multiple TVs. This is called the Sky Q which is a complete computer management system for your TV channels, helping you with categorizing, choosing your favourite programs, setup switch on and switch off times and also setup recordings on it.

Apart from the TV channels Sky also offers Sky Talk, which is a discount phone line one can purchase alongside the TV packages.

There are currently three packages:

  • Sky Talk evening and Weekends extra
  • Sky Talk anytime Extra
  • Sky Talk International Extra

The price of the packages varies between GBP 21.40 and GBP 29.40 per month. As it has been missing from the market of mobile packages it definitely lost leverage but now Sky Mobile is soon to arrive with some exciting new packages.

Check out more on Sky on its official website.