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What can DVLA do for you?

DVLA which stands for Driver and Vehicle Licencing agency in the area of United Kingdom is a governmental body which is responsible for the handling and issuing of all vehicle and driving related documentation, except for those considering crime and accident which fall under the responsibility of the local police office.

DVLA has tons of services to offer for everyone who needs vehicle documentation and in this chapter we would like to introduce you to some of these services:

Before we start our list of services, let me underline the fact that the DVLA has made major improvements with its customer services and largely bought everything to be managed online. That’s why, many of its physical offices are closing down, to this way persuade people to turn to the much convenient system for sending data to DVLA.

Most significant services of DVLA: Taxes management: if you hold a vehicle you must be aware that there is a tax which you need to pay. What documents you need: Recent reminder or reference number from a warning letter

Vehicle log book - tax is always issues for the owner’s name Green slip ( V5SC/2)

Payment is possible with credit and debit card. If you need to pay with cash you can submit a payment cheque through your local post office.

Driving licences management: the agency provides you with the latest documentation on its website with respect to all the legal requirements concerning medical condition and vehicle’s condition. Application for a driving licence is also being managed by the DVLA.

Other documentation of note include the following: Lost or stolen licence management Checking driving licence information Tracking application Driving licence replacement Renewal or re-application for a driving licence Updates due to change of address or personal information

MOT related documentation and list of conditions: this is the large overall exam every vehicle has to go through within a given timeframe depending on the age of the vehicle. For instance if a vehicle is over 3 years old you need to get it done every year but some specific vehicles need a MOT right away. Those who do not have a valid MOT can be fined up to GBP 1000 and legally persecuted too. DVLA helps you with the arrangement and the due paperwork to ensure your MOT is always valid.

Selling or buying a vehicle: you need certain documentations when you sell or buy a vehicle. Most of this documentation regards the ownership data’s changes.

Theory and health tests for getting a driving licence: there are certain medical and knowledge based of conditions for someone to get a driving licence. All the related paperwork and list of conditions can be found on the website of DVLA.

Arrangement of number plates and log books: no vehicle can be on the road without a valid licence plate and the same goes for the log books which all the cars need.

For more details visit the official website of DVLA where you find a comprehensive information on every vehicle related documentation.